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“Coaching shaped me as a more effective and rounded leader, and took my career to the next level as a result”

Sarah Maillet , Group Chief Planning and Performance Director at Aviva Plc


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Relationship profiling – working with a professional Australian couple

 We are an Australian couple who have both recently retired from demanding but fulfilling careers. Our work frequently involved one or both of us living and working away from our home; interstate or internationally for extended periods.  We became accustomed to a relationship in which all of our communication, routine and intimate, was conducted via telephone, email or face-time as opposed to across the dinner table. Given that we managed to maintain a very strong and happy relationship despite those challenges, we considered that retirement would be a picnic.  We soon learned that being together 24 hours a day with no external distractions or demands on our time was more difficult to navigate than either of us ever expected and that communication is not necessarily easier just because you are in the same room.We first became aware of Julia’s work when we were holidaying in the UK.  Julia was recommended to us by friends who could not have been more enthusiastic or complimentary about her services or the outcomes that they had achieved as a result of working with her. Whilst we were initially a little reluctant to explore relationship coaching and more than a little sceptical that it was something from which we would truly benefit, Julia quickly put those concerns to rest and we became enthusiastic participants in her program.  Our being on the other side of the world and 10 hours apart in time was no problem for Julia at all.  She always responded promptly to our communications and had no hesitation engaging at times convenient to us.  We were most impressed with her warmth, her honesty and her impartiality.  Whilst many of her insights initially challenged us as individuals and as a couple, on reflection we recognised them as truths that we had either suppressed or not assigned the appropriate level of importance.Working with Julia enabled us to more honestly recognise and acknowledge our personal behaviours, motivators and needs.  That clarity made it much easier to identify activities to engage in as individuals and as a couple that have resulted in us leading a more fulfilling and productive retirement.    We have no doubt that our relationship and lives have benefited greatly as a result of our having worked with Julia.  

(Testimonial from two professionals based in the UK)
"We are a professional couple with busy lives and, like many, are trying to juggle careers, family life and other commitments. We heard about Julia from a friend and having having heard about their experience, felt that we might benefit in some way. Like most couples we have times when communication can become fraught and difficult due to the pressures of life. We wanted to find out how to talk to each other better during these times and thus manage challenging situations more effectively. Julia’s results were uncannily accurate in how we each approach life and deal with conflict.  Her insights have enabled us to identify areas of our lives where there were previously unconsidered stresses for each of us that were contributing to our conflicts. She also helped identify character traits and values in each of us which we had not necessarily seen in ourselves, or each other and provided advice on how to think about each others’ needs in a constructive way.  We now appreciate better what is important to each of us and this has helped greatly in working out ways in which to progress when things get tough. Julia was warm, approachable and personable throughout, whilst remaining impartial and non-judgemental. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her".

Uimpact was one of the first integrated Executive Coaching and Assessment companies outside the USA.  Lead Coach, Julia Perry graduated from Coach University USA. 16 years ago. Julia recognised using psychometric profiling and coaching together accelerated leadership development. Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses and organisations.  

Working with a business coach is similar to working with a fitness coach. Both work with their clients to encourage greater focus to achieve agreed goals - it creates accountability, supports and encourages big changes.  We specialise in developing high potential leaders to the next level. Coaching programmes are conducted using a mix of face to face sessions, telephone and Zoom across a range of global time scales.

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What our clients say

Julia is an incredible coach. Working with her helped me shape me as a more rounded and effective leader and took my career to the next level as a result.

Sarah Maillet, Group Chief Planning and Performance Director, Aviva plc.

Julia has undertaken coaching for me within my organisation. The work she did with the clients was outstanding, she made such a difference to their performance and outlook and has a way of cutting to the issues quickly and sensitively. I would highly recommend her.

Julia Friend, HR Director, UK and EMEA , AIG 

Julia Perry is a very talented behavioural analyst who delivers assessment-based coaching. I thoroughly enjoyed both the way she interpreted my tests and the insights that she offered. If you are looking to improve your performance by understanding yourself and what drives you, I have no hesitation recommending Julia.

Dr. Max Blumberg  Chair Elect, British Psychological Society, SGCP
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