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New Year Update and Special Offer from Jamie Venning

...As a token of appreciation, I'm offering you a complimentary "re-visit" session. This includes a quick 30-minute follow-up call to update your psychometric profile...

Jamie Venning - USA
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What our clients say

The Team Dynamics Analysis Workshop provided us with insights, which have set our group of companies on a path to strong team alignment.   The process has been informative and constructive and has been enjoyed by all.   As a group, we are using our initial assessments and sessions working together as the foundation for further work on the company structure and we will most certainly be inviting Uimpact back to work with us through the implementation phase as we grow.

Nikki Scott,  Group Managing Director Stage Technology Group  

The Chief Officer Group benefited from bespoke one to one sessions focusing on existing behaviour at work. In the security of the one to one confidential sessions, the coach used a behavioural psychometric assessment to raise awareness around the individual's personal style of communication and career development. Senior officers gave three anonymous goals for the team.  These individual sessions underpinned a Senior Officer Group team session, identifying and acknowledging, and respecting each individual's unique strengths and how best to harness them. Following the success of the sessions, Uimpact worked with 12 high potential officers and staff using the same format.

Bob Quick,  Chief Constable, Surrey Police

It’s been a pleasure to work with you. The way you were able to not only gain the respect of the sometimes-cynical participants and then control the room in the team sessions in your understated but commanding way was excellent. This has really set us on the path to forming higher performing teams within our organisation by helping us understand our selves and each other further.

Adam Golding, Director, Tait UK. 

The team sessions were invaluable in terms of fostering team spirit, giving a more balanced view of why each team member was different and the strengths they brought to the team, which in turn made my role as leader easier.  In addition, Julia spent time with each team member one on one so that they understood the assessments which helped each individual's own development.  I would recommend her to anyone wanting to maximise their team's potential.

Dicky Davies, Head of New Business Solutions, Visa Europe
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