Terms of Business

Information about the conducting business with Uimpact. Please read the below information carefully.

The receipt of a client’s written confirmation of a coaching assignment shall be deemed to be an acceptance of these terms and conditions. Any variations to fee scales or terms and conditions of business must be agreed in writing by a Director of Uimpact Limited.


Payable in advance

Contract commitment

In order for the coaching outcomes to be effective and successful, we would expect a minimum commitment of two months (being a total of 8 telephone sessions).


To ensure smooth running of an assignment, we require at least 24 hours notice of cancellation

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Through the provision of the services we are proposing Uimpact Ltd will be offering advice and guidance. The client will co-operate by treating our intellectual property, copyright materials, and proprietary techniques as entirely confidential and will not copy or transfer this intellectual property, copyright material or proprietary techniques to any third parties without our permission.

Information and Materials

To enable us to provide the services to the best of our ability, the client must provide all the information reasonably required and we will rely on this information being free of inaccuracy or other defects unless advised otherwise.

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