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Precision without Prejudice. 

We combine behavioural analysis data and coaching to help support our clients with their growth and development, saving them time and money. Because we know how important it is to get it right, every time.

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We are licensed and accredited behavioural experts with over 20 years’ experience, We are based in USA and UAE and the UK. Our business operates  remotely across time scales internationally in 27 different languages .

What our clients say

Following the merger of Bowel Cancer & Research with the Bowel Disease Research Foundation we were looking for a new CEO.   It was essential that we recruited someone with empathy for both organisations but the drive to make the merger successful.  The insights we got from Julia about our candidates were very useful.  In particular we applaud and thank her for going above and beyond with taking the time to talk through the profiles with our various stakeholders.

May 2020: Paul Reynolds: Chair Bowel and Cancer Research and BDRF

Julia Perry was engaged by Age UK Islington to deliver a bespoke Leadership Development Coaching Programme for 4 department heads during a period of considerable change and development in the organisation.  Julia’s experience as an accredited behavioural analyst enabled her to adapt her coaching style for the different personalities involved.  

The Coaching Programme was underpinned using an in-depth psychometric tool which accelerates specific insight and development, starting with measurable goals for each person and finishing with accountability to the organisation.  

As a leader, I valued the structure and accountability of the leadership programme which allowed the four department heads to trust in the confidentiality of their individual sessions with Julia, and at the same time being accountable to the organisation, as well as benefiting Age UK Islington overall.

February 2020: Andy Murphy: CEO - Age UK Islington

Julia is an incredible coach. Working with her helped me shape me as a more rounded and effective leader and took my career to the next level as a result.

Sarah Maillet, Group Chief Planning and Performance Director, Aviva plc.

Julia has undertaken coaching for me within my organisation. The work she did with the clients was outstanding, she made such a difference to their performance and outlook and has a way of cutting to the issues quickly and sensitively. I would highly recommend her.

Julia Friend, HR Director, UK and EMEA , AIG 

Julia Perry is a very talented behavioural analyst who delivers assessment-based coaching. I thoroughly enjoyed both the way she interpreted my tests and the insights that she offered. If you are looking to improve your performance by understanding yourself and what drives you, I have no hesitation recommending Julia.

Dr. Max Blumberg  Chair Elect, British Psychological Society, SGCP
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