A great new testimonial from David Morris CEO NOAH Enterprise

Working with Uimpact Ltd

David Morris

Julia carried out psychometric testing for shortlisted candidates for two senior roles atNOAH.  Having these detailed reports challenged the panel’s gut instincts about candidates which avoided any incorrect assumptions – which of course made the process more inclusive.  It also reduced the risk factor, in that we gained a deep understanding of the person prior to selection, avoiding our hiring an ‘interview specialist’ instead of a suitable candidate.  And crucially, as a values based organisation it was valuable to gain an insight into not only the behavioural strengths of the candidates, but also what drives and motivates them personally.


Following on from the successful use of psychometrics within recruitment, NOAH invited Julia to provide her insights as part of our senior team development.  Julia conducted psychometric tests followed up by 1:1 discussions with each of our senior team.  This was followed up with a group session for our whole senior team to explore our collective behaviours, driving forces, and over all identity.


The 1:1 sessions helped people to challenge themselves and re-consider their own personal development plans.  Being highly experienced people, some of the team may not have deeply considered their own professional development in recent years.  The group session was very useful in many respects; not least that, in its own right, it provided a welcome opportunity to reflect and bond together as a growing team separated by social distancing regulations.  It helped individuals to consider how they might work together with colleagues, and challenged assumptions which they may have made about each other.  It gave us an understanding of our collective strengths, and how to address the areas where we need to develop.  Overall it helped us to become a more effective team,,and formed an excellent springboard into NOAH’s wider leadership development programme.


Overall it has been a pleasure to work with Julia.  She sees the good in everyone, finding the strengths in apparent weaknesses.  Julia is empathetic yet direct, which makes people feel heard, whilst enabling group sessions to proceed smoothly.  I would thoroughly recommend Julia to any person, or organisation, wishing to gain deeper insight into individuals or groups of people.

What our clients say

Julia is an incredible coach. Working with her helped me shape me as a more rounded and effective leader and took my career to the next level as a result.

Sarah Maillet, Group Chief Planning and Performance Director, Aviva plc.

Julia has undertaken coaching for me within my organisation. The work she did with the clients was outstanding, she made such a difference to their performance and outlook and has a way of cutting to the issues quickly and sensitively. I would highly recommend her.

Julia Friend, HR Director, UK and EMEA , AIG 

Julia Perry is a very talented behavioural analyst who delivers assessment-based coaching. I thoroughly enjoyed both the way she interpreted my tests and the insights that she offered. If you are looking to improve your performance by understanding yourself and what drives you, I have no hesitation recommending Julia.

Dr. Max Blumberg  Chair Elect, British Psychological Society, SGCP